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Hi, my name is Whitney Jacqueline and I'm the Lotto Magic team leader and owner/manager of this web site and many other "lotto pool" related sites all of which are focused on the Lotto Magic lotto pool & home business. We're a family of online webmasters and marketers that have been on the Internet since 1998.


As a second generation online marketer (since 2007) I've learned much from my family and from many fine online professionals and I certainly appreciate them all.


I own and mange our Lotto Magic home business and I "work for" the people that are on our Lotto Magic team. Without the team I wouldn't be able to do what I do... and this while having a blast while at it. So thanks to the wonderful people on our Lotto Magic team, I will make you proud of my work for the team!   Our Team Mission ->


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Team video production is paid for by us - but they benefit YOU.

You never pay for anything, we design, script, pay for & even upload!
All the team video's are designed to generate interest, traffic and especially targeted visitors to all of the team related Lotto Magic sites listed here. Some video's go viral, others are advertised, marketed and even used at the team sites!

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